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Tianjin Zhongyi Electric Vehicle Co.,Ltd. is located in Tianjin, a large comprehensive port city in northern China. Over years ,we have grown to be a leading electric cars manufacturer in China, a high-tech company that integrates R&D, producing and selling for electric vehicle with a production base area of 18,000 square meters. We are dedicated to produce electric sightseeing bus, golf carts, electric classic cars, electric trucks, electric fire trucks, and various modified custom made models.

Our cars have been used as designated vehicles for Olympic venues and summer Davos forums, and also served the 13th National Games and the 3rd China Green Expo. Presently our vehicles have been exported to the United States, Italy, Poland, Netherlands, Switzerland, France, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Egypt,UAE, Singapore, Maldives, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Azerbaijan and other countries and regions.

ZYCAR has passed the special equipment production license, ISO9001 certification, ISO14001 certification, SGS certification, BV certification, CE certification, and was named Tianjin Science and Technology Enterprise, Tianjin High-tech Enterprises and Nation-Level High-Tech Enterprises.

With novel appearance, superior performance, reliable quality, ours carts became the advanced specialized off-road vehicle  at home and abroad. Furthermore, good traction, high load capacity and climbing ability, convenient, low-carbon and environmentally friendly,make our vehicles achieved a complete success on pollution-free, low-noise, low-cost operation.

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