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Electric sightseeing car driving skills
Source: | Author:ZYCAR | Published time: 2023-05-09 | 437 Views | Share:

First, the electric car starts and drives

1. Before starting, you should observe whether there are pedestrians and other traffic vehicles around the electric sightseeing car driving in the scenic spot. Then, after the gear is engaged, slowly step on the accelerator pedal and the scenic sightseeing car will start driving.

2. If the electric sightseeing car in the scenic spot encounters a ramp during driving, the speed will drop. At this time, the accelerator pedal should be stepped down to increase the driving force. When going downhill, it is best to step on the brake pedal to avoid the danger of too fast.

Second, driving in bad weather

Driving a scenic electric sightseeing car on a cloudy, rainy, or snowy road should pay attention to the following:

1. Do not step on the brake pedal urgently, but should repeatedly pedal repeatedly to avoid the wheel lock, because the wheel lock will extend the braking distance.

2. Care should be taken when starting and accelerating. Sudden acceleration or sudden braking may cause the wheels to slip and slip, causing the body to slip laterally.

3. The steering wheel should be prevented from rotating too fast and too large. When turning, the steering wheel should be operated smoothly at a safe speed.

4. Try to bypass the puddle with a water depth of more than 10 cm to prevent water droplets from entering the electrical circuit and affect driving safety.