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Developing Tendency of Electric Vehicles
Source: | Author:ZYCAR | Published time: 2023-05-09 | 2787 Views | Share:

The year 2016 had witnessed new trend of electric car industry development to lithium electrochemical, lighten weight, and intelligent designing. We shall keep up with the trend for updating our current electric golf cart, sightseeing car, truck and vintage car in the coming year and let the market lead us to a new success.

Battery technology has a new development.

Few years ago, lithium battery costs a fortune for the over pricing materials and technological limit. This prevented the development of lithium electric vehicle. But in recent years, with the continuous innovation of lithium battery materials and technology, the cost has been declined the advantages of lithium batteries increasingly prominent. Compared with lead-acid batteries, lithium ones enjoys longer life expectancy for over 3 times, and much lighter in weight, smaller in size, all contributed to significant competitiveness over the lead-acid batteries. Therefore the revolution of lithium batteries in recent years in the electric car industry has become more and more prominent and thrilling, which can be reflected in the sales performance of lithium battery vehicle.  

Industrial policies has stimulated the development of electric sightseeing car .

Electric vehicle management in recent years is gradually increasing in more detailed. Judging from current event, this can only continuously be increasing. In response to that, electric vehicle are designed to be much lighter. Many electric vehicle manufacturers has taken this into account at the beginning by using materials of less weight to reduce the weight of the whole vehicle to meet the national standards. Less weight of the vehicle also means larger driving range per charge, which is quite a bless to consumers for high-performance electric vehicles.  

Intelligent design is pushing the development of electric sightseeing car to a new level   

We are in the age of internet, and so are electric sightseeing cars. The EV begin to update in the direction of becoming intelligent in use. In 2016, Zhongyi has deepened understanding of intelligent electric vehicle industry, and made breakthroughs in product development. Intelligent products were coming to the market frequently. This innovation of ours not only improved the quality, but also changing towards the harmony of nature, people and car.

Electric vehicles are not just a simple means of transportation any more. Our customers are having higher expectation for electric the added value of products. This, is worth fighting for in the year 2017.